Referencia del Namespace sage.ew.reports.ButtonTittle


namespace  Themes
namespace  Utils

Estructuras de datos

class  ActiveButton
 An instance of a button which can be added to the ActiveButtons menu. Más...
class  ActiveItemsImpl
 The implementation of ActiveItems used to store a list of buttons in the ActiveMenu.
class  ActiveMenu
 The ActiveMenu class used to create concrete instances of the IActiveMenu instance.
class  ActiveMenuImpl
 The menu for handling the render of buttons over the title bar.
interface  IActiveItem
 Defines an ActiveMenu item. Más...
interface  IActiveItems
 A list of buttons to be rendered in the ActiveButton's menu. Más...
interface  IActiveMenu
 Provides access to the ActiveButton instances attached to the menu instance. Más...
interface  ThemedItem
 Internal interface used to set properties of the ActiveItem instances, and expose the current instance of ITheme. This allows buttons to be correctly positioned with the menu.